Tell Us About a New Gardener and Win Great Prizes!

Do you know a young gardener who you would like to help succeed? We would love to know more about them!  Tell us about a young or new gardener in your life, and you could win great prizes for that gardener and yourself!

The Contest:

Let us know about a new gardener that you want to help out.  Write three paragraphs or more telling us about them, their challenges as a new gardener, and why you want to help them succeed.  This gardener can be anyone from a young person who likes to help out in the garden, to an adult of any age who had their first garden this year.  Also tell us why you chose this person. You can write about anyone you like as long as you know them personally (relative, friend, neighbor, etc.), and they are relatively new to gardening.

How does this gardener inspire you?  Why have they started gardening?  Do they like to grow edibles, ornamentals, or both?  Do they come to you for advice?  Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, and feel free to include a picture of the gardener or their garden (with their permission, of course).

Email your entry to with the subject line “Young Gardener Contest” by November 12th, 2010.  The CobraHead team will then judge the entries and choose a winner.  The winning entry will be posted on our blog, and an announcement will also be made in our November newsletter.

What you’ll win:

The subject of the winning entry will receive a prize package that includes their own CobraHead, a Garden Padd kneeler, and a copy of the book “Good Bug, Bad Bug” by Jessica Walliser.  The author of the winning entry will earn a gift certificate for $25 good at

Good luck, and have fun!

One Response to “Tell Us About a New Gardener and Win Great Prizes!”

  1. rhonda tringolo says:

    Katie turned 5 this summer and helped her mom start her first garden in gresham OR. The garden was to be a raised garden lined with concrete blocks and the paths were covered withe straw.

    Kati’s job was to help by taking the verggie remains of the day to the compost pile. Her other job was to keep her sister Meghan (2yrs old) from eating the new lettuce. Well after that failed a short fence was built around the garden.

    This was a four bed garden backyard city garden and for some reason it flopped. So the three (allowed) backyard chicken were turned loose in the garden for the remainder of this summer to “clean-up” and fretilize the beds. With determination and a bit more luck the girls and their mother will try again in the sping. Kati is home schooled and will have plenty of time to help her mom and read about the good bugs and the bad.