Pumpkin Pies Coming Up!

Young's Beauty Pumpkins

I’m going to be quite happy with my squash plantings this year.  I didn’t get my seeds started until the first week of June.  Since I had no beds set up for the squash, I just cleared out the overgrown weeds in my compost area and stuck the seedlings in the extremely rich soil.  I talk about the June planting here, and how well the vines were doing in August, here

Now the pumpkin vines are collapsing but the rest of the vines are holding up pretty well.  The pumpkins are close to mature and I’m thinking I should harvest them soon.  I’ll get 8 or 10 nice “Young’s Beauty” pie pumpkins from the two plants I started.

Buttercup and Red Kuri Squash

The Buttercup and Red Kuri squash look excellent, but not quite ripe, and what you don’t see are over a dozen butternuts, some sweet dumplings and a few other squash that are all doing fine.  On the other hand, the melons I planted at the same time did not do well.  I think it was mostly a spacing issue.  I planted too close to the larger and aggressive squash which crowded out the smaller melon plants.

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