Easy Hoop Tunnel

I put up this tunnel to protect my cole crops from insects. It was very quick and easy. My son Geoff gave me the idea. I’m not sure who showed it to him.

Material List:

12 pieces – 3/8″ reinforcing rod cut into 18″ lengths by my local lumber cut the material to length for me.

6 pieces – 3/8″ ID PVC tubing. Cut from 2 – 10′ lengths bought at my local Ace Hardware. I used pruning loppers to cut it to length.

2 – 16′ lengths of 6″ x 1/2″ very cheap boards that I have in my wood inventory. Plus some other scrap wood. These are to hold down the fabric. Many other found things could be used for this purpose. Since I took these pictures yesterday, I’ve decided something smoother would work better than this wood, as the wood can tear the fabric. So I’m now rolling up the fabric ends in some prototype hoe handles I had from when I started working on the CobraHead Long Handle. I use some large smooth stones to hold down the handles. This works better.

Approximately 25′ of 10′ wide agricultural fabric. I bought a 500′ roll from Peaceful Valley years ago.

This bed is about 19 feet long counting the end slopes. It is approximately 40″ between the PVC hoops. I shoved the re-bar 12″ into the ground leaving six inches exposed. The width between the rebar is approximately 43″.

Slip the PVC over the re-bar, cover with fabric, hold down the fabric with whatever.


2 Responses to “Easy Hoop Tunnel”

  1. Bob Bergschultz says:

    The hoop houses in early spring are covered with fabric, and in fall fabric and plastic right You got my juices going for next year. thanks I made a small hoop house in october and planted spinach for a expermint.

  2. Noel says:

    You have to be careful with plastic covering. It really holds heat and if you don’t make provisions for venting, you can fry your plants in a hurry. But mostly I use plastic in cooler weather and fabric in the summer. The double layer I’ve got going right now seems to be working very well. I only want to get into December with it to keep an extended harvest of carrots going.