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T-Post Squash Trellis Follow Up

Thursday, August 13th, 2015
Squash Trellises

Squash Trellises

I posted on June 28th just after I set up a trellis system using concrete reinforcing grids and T-posts. Here is the post.

I’m happy to report that the trellis has so far exceeded my expectations. The plants have climbed well over the top of the 7 foot high trellis. They remain healthy and have set good looking fruit much of which is almost full size. Barring a catastrophic collapse due to disease or insects (always a possibility, but hopefully unlikely), we are going to get an excellent harvest of butternut, buttercup, acorn, sweet dumpling and several other smaller winter squash this fall. The un-trellised larger squash are also looking good, as are the melons, and we can barely keep up with the zucchini and summer squash. So far so good.