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GBBD April 2009

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Today was a good Bloom Day. The weather was beautiful, and we actually had a few different blooms. Spring might just finally be here to stay. Noel and Judy are leaving tomorrow for the Cincinnati Flower Show , so we all spent a lot of time outside today while loading the van and getting other tasks done.

These Scillas are planted around the base of the hickory tree by our back door. They keep creeping farther into the lawn each year, but nobody minds. That part of the lawn doesn’t seem to want to grow much grass anyway.

The snowdrops have stuck around. They stand out nicely from the surrounding Scillas.

These daffodils showed up today by the west side of the house. I took this picture just after noon.

A little after 4pm, I noticed that they had opened up, so I took another quick shot before getting back to work.

So there you have it! Happy Bloom Day!

GBBD March 2009

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Finally got our first outside blooms today! Dad took this pic of a cluster of snowdrops that came up on the west side of the house.

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Layanee's Gravatar And they smell so sweet!
# Posted By Layanee | 3/18/09 1:54 PM
linda's Gravatar Oh how pretty!
# Posted By linda | 3/20/09 9:49 AM

GBBD Update — I Found One!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I have some blooms after all! The flowers on our potted Tradescantia are so small that you can’t even see them unless you’re quite close. Seriously, that little flower is barely over 1/4″ across. I had quite a bit of trouble getting my camera to focus on it.

I’ll be honest though, I’m still more excited about the sweet potato buds.

Way to go! Every little flower helps.
# Posted By Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening | 1/15/09 8:24 PM

Thanks Kathy! That Tradescantia is one of a number of plants in our sun room, and I can’t say it gets a lot of love. I guess that’s why it’s so surprising to find it blooming!
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/15/09 11:20 PM

What a little flower!!
# Posted By Darla | 1/16/09 2:27 PM

Hey, a real flower! That looks kind of like the tiny blooms on the Tradescantia geniculata growing in my woodland border – but I haven’t managed to get as good a closeup Anneliese!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
# Posted By Annie in Austin | 1/16/09 3:32 PM

Yes, they’re really quite tiny — that’s why I didn’t realize they were there!

I don’t know what the species or variety name of this Tradescantia is. The label was taken out of the pot a long time ago. I’m actually surprised I even remembered the name "Tradescantia". I think it’s because I looked it up when we first got the plant.

It took a few tries to get the pictures to come out OK. I had to fiddle with my camera’s settings so it wouldn’t automatically focus elsewhere. I worked hard to keep my hands steady!
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/16/09 5:18 PM

I have a terrible time trying to get my camera to focus in on little things like that too-good job getting that picture! I would be totally excited about the sweet potato buds too, I definitely think that counts!
# Posted By Dreamybee | 1/18/09 6:37 PM

Does This Count as a Bloom?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I have never participated in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for a few reasons. First of all, I’m an infrequent blogger, and remembering to post on the same day each month never felt like an important priority. Also, I travel a lot, especially in the spring during garden show season, so I’m not always around to see what’s coming up outside. And probably most importantly, I don’t really care that much about flowers. I know, sacrilege!

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I like flowers. I’ve just never really bothered to worry about what’s blooming on any specific date. I’m more concerned about what’s being harvested and eaten. On that note, does anyone know if there’s an edible equivalent to GBBD? Would it be called Garden Blogger’s Harvest Day?

There are certainly a number of months when there is no activity whatsoever happening in the garden, but we continue to enjoy the summer and fall harvest throughout the winter and even into the spring. I’d be happy to report on that.

Oh, and if you hadn’t figured it out, the picture above is a sweet potato with a few leaf buds emerging. Over the next few months, those buds will get bigger and leafier. They’ll eventually be cut off so they develop their own roots, and finally we’ll transplant them into the garden. You can read more about the process here.

It is hard to remember to post on paticular dates.
I do believe that potato qualifies, LOL!
# Posted By Darla | 1/15/09 10:20 AM

Thanks, Darla! It was -14F this morning, and everything outside is under a thick blanket of snow. We have a few houseplants, but I figured the budding sweet potato was the most interesting and the closest to an actual bloom.
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/15/09 10:58 AM

I totally understand. I’m more into the vegetables too. But I figure I devote 29 days to my veggies and one to my flowers – OK maybe a couple more, but mostly veggies.

As to memes that are veggie related. started one in the fall. She wanted to post one every Monday and invite others to also. The fall is probably not the best time to start such a meme since in a lot of the US we quit harvesting then, and I’m sure Ottawa is not much different. However I’m hoping it takes off in the spring. It would be a nice way to bring vegetable gardeners together.
# Posted By Daphne | 1/15/09 12:48 PM

Daphne, thanks so much for the link. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I can’t say I’ll devote a day a month to writing about blooming flowers, but I’ll let you know right now that I plan to start paying more attention to them.
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/15/09 1:28 PM

The purple sprouts are as colorful as some flowers, Anneliese – it counts for me! Stay warm if you can – my son told me the high in Chicago is -6F. Not the record, but pretty darned cold.
Happy first GBBD!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
# Posted By Annie in Austin | 1/15/09 2:09 PM

Thanks, Annie! I thought they looked pretty cool, too. I’m doing my best to stay inside today — at least it’s sunny.

I see that you have quite a lot of color down there in Austin! I was in your neck of the woods just last month, and we had a lovely 80F day.
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/15/09 2:36 PM

I had never participated in Bloom Day before either, but it has been fun to bounce (virtually) around the world and see what people have come up with in a usually not very bloomsome time. I like the sweet potato buds, I think they count! I’m going to read your method for sprouting/planting them, I don’t know if I can grow them here in Seattle but I’d like to try if so. They are my favorite spud.
# Posted By Karen | 1/15/09 7:45 PM

Thanks for visiting, Karen. We’re in zone 4b here in Southern Wisconsin. We’re able to extend the growing season for sweet potatoes by starting the plants indoors and then using black plastic sheeting over the raised bed where we plant them to keep the soil warmer. I’m hopeful that in the future we can find a more environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic, but for now it seems to be the best method for us.
# Posted By Anneliese | 1/15/09 11:34 PM