Repurposing Chain Link Fences at Wamboldtopia

Back from the Garden Blogger’s Fling in Asheville, North Carolina; great gardens in a beautiful setting.  I saw way too much to try and put into one overview, so I’m going to highlight ideas that I got from several of the places that inspired me in a short series of posts.

Wamboldtopia is the creation of Damaris and Ricki Pierce.  Besides being gardeners, Damaris is an artist, and Ricki a stone mason,  Their entire garden impressed me, but the converted chain link fence caught my attention as I also have chain link fence around my yard and have been thinking of ways to utilize its structure to provide support for something completely different.

Chain link fence with concrete coating

The ordinary chain link fence, transformed at Wamboldtopia.

Damaris told me that she used concrete, but that adobe would also work in the appropriate setting.

Plants on converted chain link fence

Some of the original chain link fence is left uncovered as a window and plant support.

er metal mesh is attached to the chain link fence to provide support for the concrete.

A tighter metal mesh is attached to the chain link fence to provide support for the concrete.

Stained concrete, bricks and other adornments on converted fence

Stained concrete, bricks and other adornments.


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5 Responses to “Repurposing Chain Link Fences at Wamboldtopia”

  1. Gail says:

    I am hoping to try this too…It was very clever.

  2. Bill Hopkins says:

    I too have a chain link fence that I would like to do something with.

  3. Thought this was brilliant!

  4. It was an amazing transformation from a cyclone fence to a work of art!

  5. Thank you, Geoff, for your attention to the castle wall fence, it’s been a fun transformation! I fantasize about inspiring many folks to makeover their ugly fences… chain link is a fantastic structure to sculpt over, might as well take advantage of it with a creative endeavor.
    And thanks so much for the CobraHead, how did I ever weed without it? 🙂