Too Late for Dinner in the Garden This Year

Deer in the Yard

Anneliese took this picture of a young deer in the yard this afternoon.  It was relatively fearless and Anneliese was able to get fairly close before it bolted.  Fortunately for us, the deer have not been much of a nuisance this year and did no garden damage.  I attribute a lot of that to Anneliese’s dog Zuri, who gets free day care with us while Anneliese is here working.  We also see Zuri a lot on weekends, when Anneliese is out and about and we become dog sitters.

Having a dog on patrol really keeps deer problems to a minimum.  The years I have not had a dog with the run of the yard, I’ve had significant deer damage, and I’ve had to resort to tall fencing and cloth covers to protect my precious vegetables.


The deer did not leave the yard after Anneliese came inside.  Zuri was in the house barking wildly while Anneliese was taking these pictures.  We let Zuri out, and the deer quickly exited.

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