Indoor Ladybugs

In the past when we’ve encountered ladybugs in the house, they have been treated with disrespect and vacuumed up or tossed outside.  With the onset of the Asian variety in the Midwest, these garden friends have become a pest solely because of their exploding populations.  In winter, they find their way into the house and collect in corners and other warm spots.

I found this one basking under the grow lights in the marjoram plant.  I’ll let it alone and maybe it will help control the aphids, whiteflies,  and other bad bugs that find their way into indoor plants.  Any other ladybugs I find will get moved to the indoor growing area.  People pay money for these things so I guess I should consider myself lucky.  We have no shortage, winter or summer.

One Response to “Indoor Ladybugs”

  1. I have a houseful of these, too.. every time I see a small moving dot out of the corner of my eye, I know its one of these buggers.. no harm, I guess, its definitely free entertainment for the cat!