CobraHead Video Review by Shawna Coronado!

I was very excited to see this video today. It was made by Shawna Coronado, a Chicago area gardener and writer. Here is the link to her blog, The Casual Gardener, where she first posted the video. Shawna also has a website and book called Gardening Nude, which is not at all about stripping off your clothes in the garden. In actuality, it features tips on making healthier and greener gardening and lifestyle choices.

I first met Shawna back in March when Geoff and I exhibited at the Chicagoland Flower and Garden Show, where she picked up a CobraHead from us. I got to know Shawna a little bit better when we both attended the Chicago Garden Bloggers Spring Fling last month. She’s a really cool, laid-back person, and it’s obvious from talking to her, reading her blogs, and watching her videos that she’s trying to make a positive difference in the world and encourage others to do so as well.

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