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Year Old Sweet Potatoes for Dinner

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Year Old Sweet Potatoes

Continuing the discussion of sweet potatoes which I started  with a post about my harvest a couple days ago, these are the last two sweet potatoes from the 2011 harvest.  Sweet potatoes, when stored properly, last a long time.  We’ve frequently kept them well over a year.  Getting a crop to last that long without having to freeze or can makes sweet potatoes ideal for the home grower.

Our storage method is simple.  Lay out the sweet potatoes to dry for two weeks.  We spread them out on the kitchen floor under the kitchen table.  After drying, wrap the large and medium sized tubers individually in newspaper.  Use up the small,  stringy, and damaged tubers first.  They will not store well.  It’s smart to save the bigger ones for last.  Store the wrapped  potatoes in a cool dry place.  We keep ours in a cooler area of our heated basement.

Baked Sweet Potato

Judy baked the two potatoes on a cookie sheet for an hour at 400o.  Served with butter, they were delicious.