Planting Butterfly Gardens: Do it the easy way with a revolutionary handheld garden tool!

PlantingButterflyGardensHave you ever seen something and thought, “Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous”? Well, that’s what butterfly gardens make people say every day; they’re beautiful, colorful, peacefully serene, and of course surrounded by butterflies. You may want one of your own, but it can be complicated to craft one by yourself. Luckily the CobraHead long handle and handheld gardening tools minimize the pain of weeding and cultivating for your garden!

Eliminate the pain of weeding. Literally.
Most handheld gardening tools are hard for people to use because they require that person to kneel down on the ground, causing back and joint pain. Luckily, the CobraHead long handle gardening tool allows you to stand while doing a variety of gardening tasks! It comes in 48 inch, 54 inch, and 60 inch long handles, so whether you’re a shorter, average, or taller gardener, there’s a tool for you. Instead of fumbling around on the ground weeding your butterfly garden on your hands and knees, you have the freedom to stand up and annihilate those pesky weeds! Planting a butterfly garden should be easy and weed-free, so whenever you need to beautify your garden by getting rid of weeds, the CobraHead long handle tool is the perfect solution.

No cultivator? No problem.
Now, in order to experience the beauty of your butterfly garden, you first have to make one! The first step when planting the seeds for your garden is going to be cultivating the soil and making seed furrows. The handheld Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator is made from tempered steel, so there’s no worry about the tool breaking while you’re cultivating your garden. It only weighs 9 ounces which means people of all sizes are able to use it! The blade is narrow and sharp, making it perfect for getting in between the many flowers in your new garden. Not only will the flowers be vibrant and plentiful, but the butterflies will love fluttering around your garden worry free because the CobraHead gardening tool created a solid foundation for the nectar that they eat.

PlowPlow right through the gardening process!
The sturdy CobraHead Long Handle has a heat treated steel blade so you don’t have to be concerned about hard clay when you’re weeding your butterfly garden. The handle is sturdily fastened to the sharp blade, allowing you to blast through dirt, clay, and other types of garden foundations. It is available with three different handle lengths which means people of all sizes are able to use it! Weeds can be taken out at ground level with the long handle, so there is minimal strain on your back and knees. Say bye bye to the days of getting on your hands and knees and weeding for hours on end!

The innovative CobraHead tool designs are perfect for anyone trying to plant their very own beautiful butterfly garden. After using them, you’ll never go back to your old ways of weeding. You’ll be able to maintain your exquisite garden with floating butterflies all around, all while avoiding the back and knee pain of gardening. Act fast and buy your brand new CobraHead gardening tools now!

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