Top 4 Reasons to Use an Ergonomic Garden Tool

Back & Joint Safety
Chiropractors suggest the importance of using an ergonomic garden tool, specifically a long handled tool that will allow you to remain upright for garden work. When you can stand up to garden or weed and avoid simultaneous bending and twisting, you can also potentially avoid back pain, neck pain, headaches, or joint discomfort. By finding a tool like the hand held garden tools at CobraHead, you use more of a punching motion versus a twisting motion, and the lack of twisting means less forearm and wrist pain! The design of this tool allows you to approach the weeds from the backside and pull toward you, offering a natural, ergonomic way to weed. Additionally, the less bending, especially at the lower back or neck, the safer and longer you can garden and weed, while avoiding hand, knee, and overall joint pain. Seniors, hobbyists, farmers, and even small-scale food growing operations are experiencing the benefits of safer gardening.

Do More With Less
The Cobrahead Weeder & Cultivator is an ergonomic garden tool with a unique blade design to help you get more done in less time. The time-proven blade, called a cultivating tine, is like having a strong, sharp “steel fingernail®” to make garden work easier. CobraHead hand held garden tools plow and cut through hard soil with efficiency, rip through tough clay, and lift out, or slice off, all kinds of weeds. Aerate and work with your compost pile, remove rocks, or separate tough clumps of daylilies and other perennials. Anywhere you don’t want to put your hands without gloves is the perfect time to use a CobraHead hand held garden tool. Manage multiple garden chores, and save time and money in investing in one multi-purpose tool for all seasons.

The Unique Shape Gets the Job Done
The unique blade shape and angle make CobraHead hand held weeding tools extremely effective. The single blade cuts hard soil more easily and with far less resistance than a wide hoe or a multi-tined tool. The ergonomic design makes it an effective tool for scalping or cutting off weeds at ground level or even in raised beds without causing damage to mulch or your yard. Extract large weeds with their deep-tap roots still attached! Weeding tightly spaced crops such as onions, or working around a drip irrigation system, become easy. Most hoes are too wide to safely get the job done. You could actually enjoy weeding your garden!

Long-Lasting & Comfortable Materials

The comfortable and colorful ergonomic garden tool handle allows easy left-hand or right-hand action. Our tools make small scale farming safer, and more manageable. Hobbyists and professionals alike appreciate that they’re made from recycled products. Constructed from environmentally friendly plastic, and reinforced with wood fiber, these hand held weeding tools are lightweight and easy to handle. The blade is sharpened on both edges and the point never gets dull. Simplicity, strength and functionality mean your forearm won’t ache and you can enjoy your garden longer. In fact, our one-year unconditional warranty ensures you’ll be happy with your product!

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