Volunteer Spring Greens

Volunteer Spring Greens

An advantage of our open bed system of gardening and the relatively undisturbed soil system is the amount of volunteers we get. I encourage volunteer herbs and greens by letting a lot of plants go to seed. Here is a picking of lettuces and mustards augmented with some purposely cultivated baby spinach and spring onions.

Spring Greens, Asparagus and Fried Rice

Judy worked her usual kitchen magic to come up with a spring meal of baby greens, oven roasted asparagus and a vegetarian fried rice using soy sausage. It was delicious.

Lettuces and Dandelion

Here are a couple different lettuces coming up between some dandelions. I’ll transplant a lot of these (not the dandelions) to more well-tended areas, most specifically into the garlic bed and between the rows of peas. Volunteers are free and easy and a true sign for us that spring has finally arrived.

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