Cold Frames Ready for Spring

Cold Frames

These two cold frames should be in production right now, but as can happen,  I never got around to seeding them this September.  If I had, we’d be eating salad greens, right now.   I’ve had several plantings  with some excellent  production out of my one frame:  Greens Under Glass,  and the second one was give to me this summer by my friend Dave Peterson, who was the primary instigator in getting them built.  I discussed the construction of them in a post simply titled Cold Frame.

Dave never got around to using his frame, and when his wife opted for daffodils over salad greens, I was quite happy when he asked if I wanted it.

The frames are in my compost area, so I don’t have any need for soil amendments.  I’ve worked up the soil, cleaned out the weeds, and positioned the frames facing south.   I’ll be ready to plant in early March.  I’ll just need to scratch up the soil and direct seed or move in some transplants.  Next fall I hope to be more diligent about getting some greens started and having a harvest that lasts well into the winter.

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