Cow Flipping in the Kickapoo Valley

World’s Strongest Woman

This is an absolutely un-retouched picture of Judy lifting a cow over her head.  Now you know why I’m so meek and mild mannered. I wouldn’t dare step out of line when flipping a cow around is so easy for her.  She could send me to the moon.

The picture is courtesy of Organic Valley, the Farmer’s Cooperative headquartered in La Farge, Wisconsin, where Judy and I were vendors for CobraHead at the annual Kickapoo Country Fair on Saturday.

Here’s the link to the fair’s website.

One of the Organic Valley booths was set up as a photo studio.  Folks could get their picture taken while holding up a cow or a tractor.

Kickapoo is not a big show for us, but we like it for quite a few reasons.  The show’s mission is supporting family farms and supporting organic and sustainable agriculture.

We meet lots of farmers whose operations are small enough that they actually use hand tools.  It’s a great compliment when a gardener tells us they like our products, but when I hear that from a small farmer, it’s the confirmation I need to know that we really are helping people grow food.

The fair has lots of good food, music and entertainment, and it is located in the midst of some of the best scenery in Wisconsin.  We had a pleasant day, which is never guaranteed when you do an outside event, and we’re looking forward to doing the Kickapoo Country Fair next year.

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