Urban Roots Matching Fundraiser a Success

We want to thank everyone who donated to Austin’s Urban Roots last month.  Because of all of your contributions we raised over $850 to help keep this inspiring youth agriculture program running strong.

We will be sending Urban Roots at least $850 worth of our tools and other products as a match to the cash donation.

We also want to thank everyone who re-posted, re-tweeted, facebooked, or otherwise helped get the word out about the fundraiser.  In particular, we want to thank Martín Perna who went above the call in publicizing this via his multiple social network connections including his personal blog.  To thank him, we are sending him our Garden Essentials Package.  Martín is also a talented musician, if you don’t know his work you should check it out here.

I’m looking forward to continue working with the young people and adults at Urban Roots.


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