Using the CobraHead Long Handle as a Scuffle Hoe

Noel and I decided to seize upon the nice weather we had today and shoot a few short videos in the garden. Here, he’s demonstrating how the CobraHead Long Handle® can be used as a scuffling hoe. Please enjoy!

We plan to post more videos as the summer progresses. Please let us know if there’s something you like to see from us!

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2 Responses to “Using the CobraHead Long Handle as a Scuffle Hoe”

  1. Some of those weeds you’re removing have brought up trace minerals from far below. Leave them on the soil to decay, releasing those minerals where plant roots can take them up.

  2. Noel Valdes says:

    Hi Margaret. Thanks for the comment. If I leave the weeds to break down on the soil, they re-root, especially quickweed and the grasses, which make up a big percentage of my weeds. I do compost everything and work that back into the soil on an ongoing basis.