Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day May 2011

Well it’s Bloom Day again, and I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been a rather long time since I last put up a Bloom Day post. Even longer still since I’ve posted about my own garden. It’s not that I have a shortage of flowers during the “warm” months (I put warm in quotes because it’s currently in the 50s and rainy here), I just usually tend to forget to take pictures of them.

But not today! For your viewing enjoyment I trekked through my garden (in the rain!) to snap a few pics of some of the lovely color I have right now.

My daffodils are pretty much all spent, but I still have quite a few tulips.


Around in the back of the house there’s a Bergenia (Pigsqueak).


A little further in the back are some cute primroses and a groundcover that I don’t know the name of.


And way back by the fence I found some grape hyacinths.


Moving on over to the front side of the house are the bleeding hearts.


Just a little beyond that are some Virginia bluebells.


Turn around, and (hooray!) my cherry tree is in bloom.


And over on the corner the pear tree is producing a few blossoms of its own.

So there you have it! Not bad for a cold and rainy day in May.

8 Responses to “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day May 2011”

  1. commonweeder says:

    That bleeding heart is a treasure! Right now I am happy for rain and sixty degree temps. We planted our windbreak last week, and yesterday I potted up some annuals. This is perfect settling in weather.

  2. Christine says:

    Your Tulips are beautifful!! Happy GBBD 🙂

  3. Anneliese says:

    Hi Pat. I’m getting a bit frustrated with the weather. It went from cold to hot and humid back to cold again! I wish we would have a nice, gradual warm up!

    Hi Christine, thanks for visiting!

  4. What a cheerful bunch. When I saw the bluebells behind the hosta, you almost had me fooled that the hosta was in bloom (the flowers look similar). It’s been rainy and cold here too. I’m having to up the anti in my gardening apparel, but that doesn’t stop me from getting outside!

  5. Lovely GBBD, Anneliese! Can I have one of everything, please? The Virginia bluebells getting chummy with the Hosta is my favorite.
    Your little groundcover looks like one I used to grow: Galium odoratum/Sweet Woodruff. It can come in handy if you make May Wine someday!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. suzanne says:

    the groundcover is Sweet Woodruff

  7. larry says:

    I really enjoyed my visit at your site… I just love the fresh look of hostas coming into their own! Larry

  8. Scott says:

    Lovely post…that is a mammoth Bleeding Heart…I’m so jealous! It must be exceedingly happy there!