Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day September 2010

This morning I walked around my yard and snapped a bunch of pictures for bloom day. Then I decided I didn’t really care all that much about the pictures I took. So this afternoon, Judy and I headed over to our friend Eve’s place so we could take pictures of her garden. As you can see, Eve and her husband Dave live out in the country, and I’m ever so slightly envious of their lovely spot. However, I’m not at all envious of the amount of work that goes into keeping up the gardens.

We started out in the rock garden, traveled around the pond to the prairie, and ended up back by the house and the shade garden. I took over a hundred photos and have spent a good hour whittling them down to twenty or so.

Judy actually wrote down the names of many of the flowers as we went, but lazy blogger that I am, I’m going to forgo labeling any of them, since I don’t necessarily remember which flower name matches which photo. However, if you do have questions about any of the blooms, please feel free to ask in the comments, and I will do my best to provide the correct answer.

Please visit May Dreams Gardens to see where Bloom Day got started!

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10 Responses to “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day September 2010”

  1. Eve says:

    Hey, this is Eve. For anyone who needs to know the plant names, by photo numbers. I apologize for errors in spelling…. don’t have time to look names up right now, so this is from my murky brain:
    1. hardy water lily (family heirloom)
    4. verbena bonariensis, self-seeded
    5. california poppies ditto (s-s)
    6. mums, verbena b.
    7. salvia farinacea (s-s)
    8. gaillardia burgundy (s-s)
    11. allium senescens glaucum
    12. goblin gaillardia (s-s)
    13. brown-eyed susan (rudbeckia triloba) (s-s)
    14. native turtlehead (chelone glabra)
    15,16 bottle gentian (gentian Andrewsii)
    17. yucky canada goldenrod
    18. bluegill and Anneliese toes
    20. ‘Sedona’ coleus

    I really like the one of the toes. ~E

  2. Anneliese says:

    Thanks so much Eve! And thanks for having us over. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

    I’m kind of partial to the toes photo, too.

  3. Wow, it is so much prettier there than here Anneliese. I’m sorry to have missed you in TX, but I am so excited about the new tool I bought. :)) I have a very special post in mind for it. Even my husband proclaimed it beautiful.

    Happy Bloom Day my friend.~~Dee

  4. noel says:


    i’m enjoying touring your garden with you today, i’m really enjoying my visit. the pond sets off your garden so well and all that added forest background extends so well into infinity it feels like it could go on forever!

  5. Thanks for these great photos of Eve and David’s garden. Haven’t seen it since the early days and it is so mature and floriferous. Fun to get this unexpected update. Hope to see you at the WHPS meeting or maybe at my house Sat. for the WHPS plant swap.

  6. Valerie says:

    Your friend has a beautiful garden.

  7. Wendy Bale says:

    Ah….gentians, my favorite! I live next door to the subject of your photos, but alas have been to busy to visit lately, so thanks for giving me the Cliff’s notes of Evid’s garden. Signed, Wendy who is tired of working late when the weather is fine.

  8. What a gorgeous setting! I love the shot of the frog in the pond. Wish I had a rock wall and soil that favored Gentians. Just beautiful.

  9. kerri says:

    Anneliese, thanks for sharing this beautiful garden. Eve and David have created a little paradise. I’m so glad Eve kindly named the flowers. I was curious about that lovely burgandy gaillardia and the allium.
    The butterfly and frog shots are fabulous. And ah yes, the toes…..what a great shot! 🙂
    I’m off to order a Cobrahead weeder for the little girl who lives down the lane (actually, one of our neighbors who lives down the road). She’s been helping our daughter with her market garden and sheep (new to us this summer – we’ve had dairy cows previously), so she certainly deserves a CH for her birthday! She’s been enjoying mine 🙂

  10. Lynn Needham says:

    What a wonderful tour! Thank you so much. I miss the Wisconsin landscape a great deal !.
    Fondly, Lynn