GBBD June 2010

I didn’t have much time to run around the garden and take pictures this morning (plus it was just about to rain), but I managed to snap a shot of this lovely bloom on the way to my car.

And yes, it smells great.

Monica at Garden Junkies's Gravatar Lovely rose. Do you know what it is? Looks a bit like one of the David Austin roses…
# Posted By Monica at Garden Junkies | 6/15/10 8:10 AM
Mr. McGregor's Daughter's Gravatar Oooh, is that ‘Abraham Darby’? I just love the Austin roses.
# Posted By Mr. McGregor’s Daughter | 6/15/10 9:12 AM
LINDA from EACH LITTLE WORLD's Gravatar Happy GBBD! That is one stunning rose. Hope you and the garden are both doing well.
# Posted By LINDA from EACH LITTLE WORLD | 6/15/10 9:26 AM
Anneliese's Gravatar Sorry, folks. I have to claim complete ignorance on this one. Here’s how much I know about the flower in the picture above:

1. It’s a rose.
2. It’s yellowish.
3. It has a slightly citrus-y scent.

I’m usually pretty clueless about flower varieties, and I never really paid a whole lot of attention to roses. Now that I have a few of my own, I guess I’ll have to get in touch with our contact at David Austin Roses to see if he can fill me in a bit.

# Posted By Anneliese | 6/15/10 7:08 PM

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