Buried in Berries!

The strawberries are dwindling. I believe we just had our last handful of extra sweet ones on our garden fresh greens topped with a little bit of Hook’s Blue Cheese.

We’ve surpassed our previous best of 44 quarts with over 50 this year! We have 3 beds that are 20 feet by 4 feet. We try to rotate the strawberry beds through the garden by transplanting new runners from the oldest bed into a new bed so we always have one, two and three year old beds.

I say ‘try’ because it doesn’t always happen & we have some off years on our pickings. This happens to be a good year so there will be jam and lots of strawberries in the freezer for those special treats this winter. Even mashed a cupful into some banana bread when I was short a banana!

On to the raspberries!!

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