Of Garlic, Raspberries and Rhubarb, Compost, Asparagus, and Boots

I’ve really only been in my garden for two days this spring. The first time out I weeded strawberries and that was it. Today, I did a little here and there trying to catch up after two weeks on the road. Since I’m on the road again tomorrow until next Tuesday, I took the afternoon off to garden. I’m constantly trying to prove to myself that one can maintain a large vegetable garden in spite of a hectic travel schedule. It’s possible, but it’s not nearly as easy as if I were home every day.

First task – pull all the straw mulch away from the garlic and prep the bed for planting greens in between the garlic and on the outside slopes. That one turned out very well.

Next – Trim back the raspberries, clean the bed it shares with the rhubarb and work in a couple buckets of compost.

Third – Clean up last year’s pile of compost – slice off all the weeds that have sprouted and use a fork to pile it high.

Next – Define the new compost pile. I’ll start a third pile soon. Nothing else will go into this one. Over the season I’ll pile it up a couple times and continually pull out weeds. It will be ready late this year.

Last – Weed the asparagus bed. The picture here is before I weeded, but I got it done and I picked our first asparagus of the year which we will have at supper tonight.

In addition to all of the above I did a lot of stand up weeding with my long handled CobraHead. I love that tool! Wherever I saw a weed poking through the mulch, I sliced it off.

Boots likes to help me in the garden. She’s mostly a pain because she demands attention and gets in the way, but she is lovable and as gentle a cat as there is. Here she is rolling in the gravel driveway. She’s a little piggy who loves to get dirty.

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