GBBD April 2009

Today was a good Bloom Day. The weather was beautiful, and we actually had a few different blooms. Spring might just finally be here to stay. Noel and Judy are leaving tomorrow for the Cincinnati Flower Show , so we all spent a lot of time outside today while loading the van and getting other tasks done.

These Scillas are planted around the base of the hickory tree by our back door. They keep creeping farther into the lawn each year, but nobody minds. That part of the lawn doesn’t seem to want to grow much grass anyway.

The snowdrops have stuck around. They stand out nicely from the surrounding Scillas.

These daffodils showed up today by the west side of the house. I took this picture just after noon.

A little after 4pm, I noticed that they had opened up, so I took another quick shot before getting back to work.

So there you have it! Happy Bloom Day!

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