New Garden

As I mentioned in my last post I have a new place in Austin. I am just now starting the vegetable garden. (Yes, late for Austin, but I have been on the road promoting the CobraHead for the last couple of months.) The only photo in this post is the before shot. We have to put a small fence around the yard as our dogs, Zaney and Sweet Pea, are notorious diggers among other things. The dogs’ love of rotten vegetables required me to fence in the compost pile as well despite my aesthetic reservations.

I am preparing the raised beds for this garden without the benefit of any motorized equipment along the lines of the method popularized in the US by Alan Chadwick.

The spot that I chose in the backyard gets the most sun. Pecan trees and hackberries shade most of the area. The front yard actually gets the most sun, but I hesitate to put vegetables with intensive maintenance requirements in public view, given my travel schedule. The front yard will get fruit trees and herbs, but that is another project and post.

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